Approximately How Much Would an Electric Dog Fence Cost Installed


Weimaraner PuppyWe have a back yard that is around 80 feet by 110 feet.  I am considering having an underground dog fence installed to keep my Weimaraner puppy safe.

When installing an electric fence, is there a way to put in different zones?  I can’t decide if I want him to have access to the entire yard or just half of the property.

One factor to consider when calculating the cost of electronic pet fencing is to know how much wire you will need.  For more information visit:

Installing an Electric Dog Fence – How to Determine how much Underground Dog Fence Wire you Will Need

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4 Responses to “Approximately How Much Would an Electric Dog Fence Cost Installed”

  1. sweetyebug3 says:

    I had a larger area, about 400 ft. total and it was around 350 bucks at Pet smart, I bought the whole set with an additional collar to do an acre for 99 bucks,on e-bay. I got a little heavier wire, about a 17 Gage from Inter mountain Farmers and we laid all of it in an afternoon, only has to be in the ground a minimum of one inch. The control box does need to be covered it should not be out in the elements. We are just finishing up on ours, and will try it this week. Good luck.

  2. SlyKitty says:

    Why an electric fence over a real fence? You know that even if you train your dog that does not prevent other dogs or people from coming onto your property?

  3. Marcie says:

    price varies from state to state.
    Look up in phone book and call for estimate.

  4. Jaym says:

    they have ones that you dont have to install now. You get a box and then you set the diameter on the box and then its all done through air waves. You can plant flags in the yard so you know where the fense is if you want. Good luck. Oh I think they are about $200 at pet smart!

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