Anyone have an invisible fence for pets? We do & it is failing. What's next option?


We live in a community with leash law so it is imperative to keep our dog contained. The collar was turned up as high as it could go & the dog left the yard the next day. Yes, it works. Anybody have fence failure & what was your next choice of containment?

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4 Responses to “Anyone have an invisible fence for pets? We do & it is failing. What's next option?”

  1. Aaron says:

    The reason that your fence did not work is likely that you did not follow the training instructions. You have to reinforce, or train your dog to understand where the fence is. Markers or flags work great, giving them a visible reference to the border. This process can take a few weeks of walking the perimeter with your pet. I was lucky with my border collies. It took 2 days before I was satisfied that they would not leave. Before the wireless fence it was up to two hours a day of letting them in and out and putting them on a dog run. They would constantly get the leads wound up around the trees. Now they have a doggy door and a petsafe wireless radio fence and they are allowed to come and go as they please all day long. We wish we had a counter on the doggy door. It gets used a hundred times a day and they are very happy. They have not left the yard in 2 years.

  2. oregano13 says:

    There are a number of problems with invisible fences. One is that many dogs will take the shock quite happily to leave the yard. However they will not risk it to come back home. They also provide your dog with no protection from the outside world. Passing people, other dogs, large predators, etc all have access to your dog. They are also, in my opinion, mean as all heck. How would you like to be shocked when you come too close to an invisible point? Plus the collars have been known to malfunction and cause serious injury. Put up an actual fence.

  3. CF_ says:

    well the obvious answer is to build a fence.. or get a dog run..
    electrice fences are not really safe anyhow – it doesnt stop agressive dogs from entering your yard and fighting your dogs.. or stuff like that..

    tying dogs is always not a good idea – it creates agression

  4. rach_ecw says:

    we have a great dane, and we installed an invisible fence for him. it worked for the first few weeks, but then as he started to grow, he outgrew it. those fences only go up about 2 feet, so if your dog is taller than that, he won’t feel it. either that or he just wants to be out so he’ll run through really fast and then won’t go back in cause he know’s it’ll shock him. we had to return the fence and get a chain link 6×10 foot pen. you can buy them already assembled or put them together yourself, but it’s large enough for them to be ok in, but small and cheap enough that it doesn’t put you out much. i think ours was $200, so we used the refund from the invisible fence to get it. we let him out when we are there to supervise, and he seems fine.

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