Any recommendations or suggestions on invisible fence systems?


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    13 Responses to “Any recommendations or suggestions on invisible fence systems?”

    1. DogLover says:

      Sounds like a lot of the answers are from people who: 1. did not properly train their dog or 2. are from people who want to sell you something else so they try to give you all the reasons why you should not get one.

      My experience over the past several years is if you spend a week or two training your dog, it will work for you. You have to train them everyday for several minutes, there are no short cuts to this! I have had at least 6 or 7 dogs contained on my invisible fence and never had a problem keeping them in my yard. And yes, they do not keep other animals out, but neither does any kind of fence.

    2. jaclyn says:

      I have PetSafe wireless. Love it.

    3. ksue1203 says:

      i have one not the one with the inground wire, but the one that runs on radio wave. petsafe brand. it works great! i would highly recommend it.

    4. Laken says:

      I have a huge 3 Acre yard that is surrounded by the invisible fence. My Rottie and French Mastiff love to roam around and the "shock" does not hurt them, its like a warning. Sometimes there is a break in the line, but its easy to fix. If the line breaks a beeping noise lets you know and its easy to find. If the line doesnt get fixed the fence still works except for the area which it broke.

      My dogs do not even try to get out of the fence and they have never escaped it. We have had this fence for 4 years now.

    5. pamela s says:

      i wouldnt trust something i couldn’t see!!!!

    6. theplantlady.barbara says:

      Pet Stop has a good system. Besure training is included in installation. they also have power back up systems (same as a sump pump) for the fence so if the power goes out it still works.

    7. Bozema says:

      I spent last Sunday afternoon finding the owner of a dog that had (apparently again) slipped his invisible fence.

      Many dogs blow right through them – then won’t go back in and take a shock again.

      It does not keep other people and animals out.

    8. Rebecca says:

      Never worked for me. 🙁

    9. Amanda Run says:

      I have one. My dog just would not stay in our yard.

      My dog has a special collar that she had to wear. After a few weeks she hasn’t even tried to get out of the yard and we were able to remove the collar.

      I’m not sure what brand mine is. It has a green wire that you place around the perimeter of the yard/area. It came with a collar. Be sure that you don’t leave the collar on for long periods of time (it can irritate the dogs skin).

      Use the system responsibly! I always thought that it was cruel but it was my last defense.

    10. K9Resqer says:

      One suggestion – don’t do it. Why? Well:

      Invisible fences don’t keep other animals out.
      Invisible fences don’t keep dog thiefs out.
      Invisible fence training is very harsh.
      Invisible fences don’t work if the power goes out.
      Some dogs don’t respect the invisible fence at all.
      Some dogs respect the invisible fence for a while then blow through it.
      Some dogs become so afraid of the shock that the refuse to go out.
      Some dogs go through the fence and then won’t come back in.
      Some dogs develop seizures from the shock.

      If you can’t put up a traditional fence, then you should utilize a dog park or doggy daycare. Or better yet, leash walk your dog every day. You’ll both be healthier!

    11. chrombutterfly says:

      i personally don’t like them but that is cause they never worked on my dog…….she raced straight over the fence line when ever she saw something that she HAD TO HAVE and screamed when she got shocked…….but then she wouldn’t come back or even near my yard….i would have to chase her around the neighborhood and drag her back into the yard (even if i took off her collar) so i just got rid of it

    12. Basset on the 'Net says:

      I recommend a real fence, I do not like or trust "invisible" fences.

      I’ve known of too many cases where the fence failed, or the dog learned to get out, or the dog was harmed by people or animals coming INTO the yard (since it doesn’t keep them out).

      I would never trust the safety of my dogs to an invisible fence.

    13. tiptoptraining says:

      Don’t do it, plenty of reasons already listed. It is NOT A FENCE! It is a boundary training system that uses electric shocks to instill fear in your dog. Fence in a smaller area, save up, do some of the work yourself, to be able to afford a real fence. Check out the website listed below.

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