Any opinions or pro/cons of underground dog fence?


I have a Siberian Husky and a German Shepherd. I do not currently have my yard fenced and am interested in trying this. (Since it will be much cheaper then fencing my yard regularly). My yard is about 2 acres and my dogs are….lets say "difficult". Any advice greatly appreiciated!

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    10 Responses to “Any opinions or pro/cons of underground dog fence?”

    1. metzger52365 says:

      The con I hear about constantly from people who use an underground fence system,is that if the dog gets excited and runs through it,It wont come back in the yard because it knows it will get shocked if it does.

    2. cheyenne says:

      I would have to go with meanie2 on this one my boyfriends parents had one for their dogs and they would go through it like it was nothing if they wanted to bad enough..

    3. chads7376 says:

      I used this type fence on the river side of my property for my lab she refused to quit swimming across. This fence works great for her, she got shocked about three times I have not seen her shocked again going on two years now. The rest of my property is chain link.

    4. chetco says:

      It probably won’t work on your dogs. They are best for non-prey driven dogs. I looked in to this system for my hounds, only to learn it won’t work. However, a hot wire along the base of your fence, or at the top of your fence will do the trick. They won’t hit it unless they are digging out or jumping over.

    5. sailordragon87 says:

      get a fence…….

      shock collers or w/e are just not worth it especially if the dogs are already being difficult. if anything fence off a section of the back yard and put them in there to play etc.

      so much easier and less painful for you and your dog. well maybe less painfull for the dog….you have to buy the stuff lol

    6. itsmeagain says:

      The fences work by giving the dog a shock through a reciever on his/her neck. Some dogs so not respond to the shock. I know of a guy who put two recievers on his lab (to increase the shock) and it still didn’t work. He returned the whole set to the store. Also if it does keep your dogs inside it, it will not keep out stay dogs or other animals that may be a danger to your dogs. Something could still come across the fence and attack your dogs. I know of too many cases where that has happened.

    7. meanie2 says:

      My friend has one because she has a dog that is an escape artist… She said that the dog will still get out, it just knows that when it hits a certain point it’s gonna get shocked so it will bunch up and take it. It is a good deterent but does not keep the dog from getting out if it really wants to go.

    8. thompj64us says:

      Pro is you train the dog to know his limits, it is important that the dog know these too for his or her safty I have heard that these fences work rather well at that and the dog only gets a couple of shocks before he learns what is ok and what is not. I have heard no valid cons to it.

    9. philbertpheinstein says:

      Try it on yourself first and see how you like it.

    10. Lisa says:

      we have it too and it worked pretty good, untill my boyfriend ran over the wire with a lawn mower before we had the chance to burry it.the only thing i didnt like was that it wasnt a physical thing that held them back.they could get through it if they really wanted to. my dog did very well with it, but one day i left the back yard and came to the front yard and she actually went though the thing to get to me becasue she lost sight of me. so i think if they want to get out bad enough they will.people say its mean to have it, but once they learn were they can go, they usually dont run into it after that, unless like i said, they wanted out bad enough.dogs have a high pain tollerence, especially big dogs.i would much rather have a nice privacy fence for the dogs and us, but its alittle out of our price range for now. so we just walk our dogs with leash for the time being

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