Any ideas 2 help me contain a dog that escapes my range fence?


I thought my fence was secure, but with an acre, my Queensland Heeler nudges through a new spot each day.

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2 Responses to “Any ideas 2 help me contain a dog that escapes my range fence?”

  1. chainbreaker says:

    get yourself an electric fence charger and the wire and other accessories that go with it. Run a strand of wire approx. 1 ft from the fence and set it at about16" high. Run another one along the top of your fence. Hook up the fence to the charger and unless you have one hard headed dog , this should do the trick. He will learn real fast because most dogs are pretty smart. If he does hit the wire it will hurt just alittle and then he probably will not do it again.

  2. Jeni P says:

    you can bury the fence, or some rabbit wire (check out a gardening link) or
    lay some rabbit wire on the ground over the (grass?) but against the dirt inside the fence, dogs wont dig. or
    I dunno, go electric collar, but I hate that…

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