Any idea on prices for eletric fence for dogs???


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    6 Responses to “Any idea on prices for eletric fence for dogs???”

    1. Cory B says:

      If you do an electric fence that doesn’t just use the shock collar (i.e. posts and wires above ground) they can be cheap. I put one up around my cedar fence because my dog chewed through the boards one day. I spent about $100 (if you have small or not so hairy dogs a cheaper shock box will work fine) on the shock box and the rest of the materials for about 150 feet was less than $50.

    2. YosemiteSam says:

      Just for price ideas I have included a link. Just a word of caution. I am not such a big fan of these per my personal experiences. We had a dog who figured out he could just run through it fast then he was "free"! Also we had a problem with other animals coming into our yard. This device is best used in conjunction with a regular fence as a back up. Good luck!

    3. Norah says:

      Would you like to be trapped in an electric chamber of pain?

    4. MandieM says:

      home depot has them anywhere from 200.00 to 400.00

    5. M to the R still in your face says:

      Your dignity

    6. micki says:

      They are generally like-priced to standard fencing, provided you’re not looking at estate type fences.

      I’m not a fan of these fences, although I do understand that with the increase in HOA’s, sometimes that’s all that’s allowed. However, if that’s not the case the considerations are simple…in a power outage, you have no fence. Electric fences do not keep intruders, children, other dangers out. Electric fences do not always keep your own pets in either, many dogs will actually stop to consider if bolting and gaining the reward of freedom is worth taking the second-long charge/correction, and certain breeds won’t think twice. An intact male will be driven to charge through when the scent of a female in heat is intercepted…and they can smell them up to 10 miles away…often crossing dangerous streets to get to them…most dogs killed in highway accidents are males (suggesting this is the reason they’re even there.) Once they break through, they are less likely to cross back over, having just received the charge/correction and not wanting a second one. Some dogs like to test their boundaries more than others, which means you must constantly check the battery and not assume it’s functioning…those that test it more frequently will drain it more quickly and require new ones more often…when the battery fails, you have no fence.

      The cost is fairly comparable…choose the one that’s reliable and actually makes for better neighbor relations than the electric if you’re able…it’s a better fence.

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