Any idea of how to keep a small dog from squeezing under a chainlink fence gate?


and still allow bigger people to use that gate to come and go
Thanks, Jess

We’ve tried everything–the Cairn terrier just digs, pushes aside or climbs over every obstacle (actually using that obstacle to it’s advantage to climb) that we put in front of the gate, it’s so frustrating. It’s like owning a monkey.

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5 Responses to “Any idea of how to keep a small dog from squeezing under a chainlink fence gate?”

  1. JC247 says:

    Place him on a runner!

  2. dachshund gal♥ says:

    I put 2x4s in the gap. That fixed the problem for us.

  3. KaDy says:

    Put her on leash.. the one that stakes into the groud. that what I do with my Pom

  4. woooh! says:

    I put bricks on the ground on the outside side of the gate so the gait can still be used by opening inward.

  5. bpbjess says:

    Dig a trench below the gate on the side that the gate swings away from (ie, if the gate swings towards the backyard, dig on the side of the front yard). In the trench, bury a piece of pressure treated wood, sticking up about 3 inches from the ground. Make sure to spray paint or paint the wood a bright colour so people know to step over it!

    In the end, the dog won’t be able to escape because the wood will prevent any gap from being present below the gate.

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