Any advice on crating/confinement period for my dog?


This will be kind of long… But I have a siberian husky that was found heartworm positive when we adopted her. We recently started her treatment, she received her first injection on the 15th of february. As many people know, she has to remain "calm" for at least 6 weeks after treatment. In her case, that means she has to stay in her kennel, or she will get too active. You know how sibes are 😉 Well she is also quite the escape artist I have discovered. We never crated her before this treatment, and she did really well at first, but today I left for 2 hours and came home to see the kennel dragged from the kitchen into the living room, one side was completely off and my husky is sitting there smiling at me… It is imperitive to her life that she stay in there, but she clearly cant do that. I need help! What can I do? I have a doggie pen like this one or something like it, can I put that around the kennel and fasten it and hope she doesnt get out? Or put the kennel into the guest room so she has no room to try to escape? I just want her to stay calm so she lives, its for her own good! But she is not taking it!
WE never had to crate train her. We never needed it, but based on how she reacted when we initially started to crate her, I suspect her previous owner may have had her crate trained.
She is fine when I am home, but when I leave, she tries to escape.
Also, if you are going to suggest I just give my dog free rein and potentially let her die because of that, please feel free to just not post. I want my dog to survive and she needs to be kenneled to live, so thats what I need advice on.

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4 Responses to “Any advice on crating/confinement period for my dog?”

  1. MissB says:

    Unless she is a maniac when she is in your house and runs all around, I don’t feel you need to crate her. I rescued a dog who had to undergo heartworm treatment and she was fine to be left inside the home and it was fine for her to jump up on the sofa. The vet just didn’t want her running around, so when I let her outside in the yard I put her on a leash so she wouldn’t join the other dogs running around. She doesn’t need to be kept absolutely still, she is able to walk around but that’s about the only exercise they recommend. Good luck with her treatments. I know what you are going through,

  2. GSDlover says:

    You said you need he to be calm?
    If she has never been crate trained, it’s probably stressing her out.

    Have you tried giving her a kong with peanut butter, or a bone to have her lay down for a couple hours?

  3. Robbie C says:

    Harsh reality is that if you confine her to the kennell completely and she DOES NOT want to be there, she could get more worked up then having a free run of the house.

  4. Lulu says:

    I couldnt even imagine what you are going through. It is so very important for them to say calm up to 6 weeks, which will feel like an eternity to you! The pen seems like a wonderful idea but I understand the escaping. If is is just a matter of her dragging it around, I suggest Cinder Blocks, from your local hardware store such as home depot. But a cinder block for each face of the pen, they weigh about 20 pounds each, so thier is no way she can move the pen. Putting her in the bedroom, might make her too excited especially when you come to see her. Keeping her with the family is the best. Try changing the location every couple of days so she doesn’t get board with her surrounding, kitchen then living room and back and forth. Most vets will not give a sedetive since it has a negetive effect on the heart muscel, which is already compromised from the heart worm treatment. The pen is going to be better then a confined crate, otherwise she is definatly going to go stir crazy.

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