Amazing Gates Sliding Gate System Installation


Amazing Gates Sliding Gates installation video. Ground track rolling gate with automatic sliding gate opener. Visit our website

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4 Responses to “Amazing Gates Sliding Gate System Installation”

  1. feelingglass says:

    @cruzerblue7 Everything about this gate is UL-325 compliant. The danger has been substantially lessened by the patent pending guide rail system. The moving gate panel is 18″ away from the stationary guide posts greatly reducing the chances of entrapment. I have looked at 100’s of slide gates in my city and could not find even one with safety edges.

  2. webdirectbrands says:

    come check out our new vid where we totally whack your gate

  3. cruzerblue7 says:

    IMO a company instructing people how to install a dangerous slide gate should not be showing them how to get themselfs involved in a law suit. I think they need to inform people on how to install a gate that is safe. ASTMF-2200 and UL-325 would be a good place to start. No safety edges on the leading edge and trailing edge. gaps bigger than 2 1/4″ its good they covered part of it but a slide gate is really fun for kids to ride back and forth on. uncovered rollers re also dangerous.

  4. Darrengb says:

    OK now

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