Alaskan Malamute or Siberian Husky on an electronic fence ?

I am looking to get one of these types of dogs. on a 30 acre farm. My house and yard is about 6 acres (what I cut with the mower). I know that these dogs like to run and roam, so would it be a bad idea to put this breed on an electronic fence? I know that my on brother has his lab on the electronic fence and it works great. But I don’t know the reaction the husky’s would have on them. Has anyone experienced this situation ?? Please give me some expert advise.. Thank you in advance..

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5 Responses to “Alaskan Malamute or Siberian Husky on an electronic fence ?”

  1. cowhugger says:

    It depends on the dogs, but I would NOT recommend using an electric fence with any large, strong breed of dog, esp. one with long fur and a tendency to run away. I work at a pet supply store and we sell various electric fences and collars, and I’ve talked to MANY owners of breeds such as Huskies and Malamutes who say the dog doesn’t seem to feel the shock at all. My Bernese Mountain Dog and Boxer would just run straight through the fence, seemingly not noticing it even though it was on the highest level possible. Some dogs just don’t respond to pain, esp. Huskies, who were bred to run over very long distances and withstand a great deal of pain. If the dog is determined enough to get away (and as you know Huskies and Malamutes are VERY determined!), they will either not pay attention to the shock or figure out that if they keep running the shock stops working.

  2. Rayven ~ Life's a B says:

    If you can’t pup up a proper fence or NOT leave the dog outside by itself these are not the breed for you. That fence is not going to stop either if they see something were chasing down on the other side of the boundary.

    Not to mention some dogs will completely ignore the shock/jolt.

  3. Kathy says:

    Any dog likes to roam. But you are responsible to care for the safety of this animal and letting it roam free is not doing the dog any favors just because he is a Malamute or a Husky. I have German Shepherds and they are disciplined but have a wonderful 3 acres to "roam" in… I am in charge – not them.

    You probably should read some books about dog ownership – The Dog Whisperer (Cesaer Milan) is the best I know. But dog ownership comes with great responsibility and you are obligated to keep them safe.

  4. mrsjustinbieber says:

    Well um if the fence hurts the dog then i dont think you should use an electric fence, otherwise if it doesnt hurt the dog it would be fine i guess.

  5. dollarBill says:

    It works just fine on Huskys I know for a fact. my nieghbor has a husky and it used to jump my fence and eat my dogs food right out the bag so my nieghbor bought a elec. fence wire and collar it works great for the dog and I have much more food for my dogs nowadays. It doesn’t hurt him much just dont turn it way up to the highest voltage that is for more larger breeds such as rottys mastiffs bandogs ect. he has his set a 5 and it goes to 20amp. or volts.

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