About invisible electric fence for dogs.?


My 2 neighbors and I sit on about 10 acres. Between all of us, we have 6 dogs. We are needing an invisible electric fence to run around the property to keep them on our land only. We also need 6 collars, obviously. Where is the best place to get one of these with that much fence to offer, and about how much are they? Need something inexpensive. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Nature Girl says:

    Please take the time to train your dog and please do not get a electric fence. The collars are like $100. Electric fences not only scare the dog they are terrible for them physically and mentally. They can cause tissue damage, nerve damage, they damage a dogs brain, and are bad if you plan to leave the dog out when you are gone. another dog could come in after your dog, or another animal.

  2. ♥shelter puppies rule♥ says:

    like others said E fences arent foolproof. your dogs can run right through them when the momentum is high, plus the dogs get desensitized to the shocks, so you have to keep increasing the voltage higher and higher and it’s not going to work so good. Plus..it can create aggression because the dogs don’t know why they are being shocked. They will associate the shock with whatever they are looking at, including other dogs and children, and thus make them dog aggressive or child aggressive. With 6 dogs, if one is next to one who gets shocked, that dog may turn and attack and maul the other dog. this will be really dangerous with multiple dogs.

    A better and cheaper way would be to train them to stay in your area. they dont need to run on all your land or your neighbors. it will take a ton of time and patience and long ropes(and good treats). You can use flags to mark where the dogs cant go past and train them not to. it will be more effective than an e fence in the long run too.

  3. Schnoodle_Mom88 says:

    When it comes to training or containment aides that use static shock to warn or correct a dog, your best bet is to go high quality – not low price. Lower priced fences don’t always come with technical support, warranties, or even collars that work properly. Occasionally they don’t even offer training support or help if there is a problem.

    With that in mind, remember that an electric fence isn’t necessarily going to work with all six dogs. Some dogs do not take to the fence well at all (timid dogs become fearful of the shock and may become fearful of the land, high strung dogs may bolt right through.) You also will not be able to just pop them right out – all six dogs need to be trained to use the fence over a period of a month or two.

    Now, with that in mind… The "Invisible Fence", "Innotek", and "Petsafe" brands seem to be the best choices. Go google all of them and talk to a trainer before use.

  4. Tulip says:

    Electronic Fences
    Dogs whose yards are surrounded by electronic fences may develop fear or aggression aimed at what they believe is the source of the shock (kids riding by on bikes, the mail carrier, the dog next door, etc.). Dogs have been known to run through electronic barriers when frightened by fireworks or chasing a squirrel and then be too scared to cross back through the barrier.

    Electronic fences may actually encourage animals to try to escape. Since dogs only suffer painful shocks in the yard, they may associate the shock with the yard itself—once they get out of the yard, the pain goes away. The fact that the pain returns when they try to reenter the yard can cause dogs to believe that they are being punished for returning home.

    Even when animals are confined within certain boundaries of an electronic fence, they are still in danger of attacks by roaming dogs, cruel humans, or other animals, who can freely enter the property. Electronic fences are a dog thief’s dream come true!

    Alternative is Abs virtual fence

  5. shortcake3 says:

    I would check into Rural King, I know that they sell them and they work great. My mom & sister each have gotten theirs from there, and they aren’t expensive.

  6. lorenzo says:

    don’t get an electric fence for your dog! if it hits the fence and gets electrocuted it could be traumatized forever and will be afraid of even going in its on yard.

  7. mcc says:

    Not a good choice for anyone – you cannot control what comes into your yard and then that could be nasty if other dogs come to fight.

    It is not the fence – it is the training that keeps them in – they are supposed to be trained to respond when they here the noise and before the shock. That requires some work on your part to train your dogs.

    The fact that you are looking for something on the cheep also is a recipe for disaster.

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