How to Remove Graffiti from a Vinyl PVC Fence

Vinyl PVC Fence Cleaning

clean vinyl fenceWe have just installed a 6 foot vinyl privacy fence around our doggie daycare center.  Our building and property are located in an industrial part of town that gets a lot of vandalism.  Before we erected the new pvc fence we had a chain link fence, which allowed everyone to see into our yard and at night bums would hop the fence and leave trash behind.  It got really old, yelling at them to get off of our property.  So we decided to put up a pvc privacy fence to provide more privacy and security for our staff and clients.

Now that the plastic fence is much higher we haven’t had the problem of trespassers, however, they have started to paint graffiti on the outside of the white vinyl fencing.  What is the best way to remove the spray paint from the vinyl fence panels?
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Utility Locating and Fence Installation – How to Locate Underground Wires and Utility Lines when Building a Fence

Q. I’m thinking of building a fence in my backyard to keep my two dogs, a greyhound and collie, safe. My sons have graciously volunteered to help. We know where we want to install the fence but how do we find out where all of the underground power lines are buried? The last thing we want to do is accidentally hit some buried wires or pipes with the hole driller!

Underground Utility Locating

line locator

Installing a fence in your backyard is a great DIY project.  Not only do you save money on labor costs, you will learn new skills as well as have great pride of ownership in your completed project.

When planning out your new fence, whether it be wooden, chain link, vinyl, cedar privacy, or even an in ground hidden fence, there are many factors to consider such as they layout, cost of materials,  and length of time to complete the project.  When you’re getting all of this information together do not forget one of the most important elements of installing a fence – locating underground utilities.

There are many reasons to want to know where the underground cable and wire lines are located before you begin digging, not the least of which is your own personal safety!  As neighborhoods and technology grow, so does the infrastructure that is buried underground.  There are wires, pipes and cables buried everywhere, even in places you would least expect them.  And underground electrical wire and pipes are easily damaged by digging equipment.
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Which Underground Dog Fencing Manufacturer is the Best?

When it comes to selecting underground dog fencing for your yard you may be a bit overwhelmed by all of the brands.  With all of the different choices available online and at your local home improvement, hardware, and pet stores, it’s hard to know which one to pick.

Luckily, purchasing hidden dog fencing isn’t that complicated once you know what to look for.  Instead of focusing only on price, focus on what features best meet the needs of you and your dog.

The difference between “good, better, and best” in underground dog fences can be seen in the following areas:

  • size of the area the system can support
  • collar size, weight, & durability
  • correction strength
  • technology used by the collar to address the size, weight, and stubbornness of the dog

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The Difference Between an Electric Dog Fence, Invisible Dog Fence, Wireless Pet Fence, and Underground Dog Fence

When it comes to backyard pet containment systems, no product’s name gets more confused than underground fencing. Invisible fence, wireless pet containment system, and electric dog fence are some of the terms used interchangeably. Unfortunately this is not accurate.

Electric Dog Fence

An electric fence is made from a wire that is run above ground. It can be placed along the top or bottom of a fence and uses an electrified wire which delivering a shock to anything that touches it. Electric fences are more commonly used in ranching or livestock-management.

Invisible Pet Fences

In contrast, invisible pet fences, which are also referred to as hidden dog fences or underground fences for dogs, are actually electronic dog fences also known as a Radio Fence.

Radio Dog Fence

A radio fence works by sending an electronic radio signal through the buried boundary wire out in the yard. Your pet wears a special receiver collar which detects the radio frequency. When your dog or cat gets too close to the boundary wire, the collar emits a warning beep. If the pet continues on it will receive a mild shock from the collar.

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Installing an Electric Dog Fence – How to Determine how much Underground Dog Fence Wire you Will Need

underground dog fence wireWhen you install an underground pet fence it is important to remember that the wiring must make a continuous loop around the perimeter of your yard for the invisible fence to operate. Each end of the wire connects into the transmitter box, which is installed somewhere in your home. The electric current runs from the transmitter, out one side of the wire, around your yard, and back to the transmitter, completing the loop.

Before you dig, you need to make sure you have enough wire to complete the project. Following is a table that will help you determine how many spools of fence wire you will need based on the size of your yard.

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Invisible Dog Fence Troubleshooting – How to Locate and Fix a Break in Your Underground Dog Fencing

broken underground dog fence wireInvisible dog fences are a great way to keep your pet safely within the boundary of your yard for those people who don’t want to install a backyard fence. The only time there is a problem is when it quits working. Since the majority of the hidden dog fence is underground, locating a broken wire can be a challenge.

How an Invisible Fence Works

When you install an invisible fence, special boundary wire is buried around the perimeter of your yard, and the two ends are connected into a transmitter box in your garage or house. When completed, it’s like a big loop. The system works by producing a radio signal from the fence transmitter that is sent out through the buried wire. The dog wears a collar that contains a receiver. When the dog approaches the underground pet fence a warning beep goes off. If he gets too close he will be given a small electric shock.

The wiring used in underground fencing for dogs is like the kind of wire used in alarm systems. When the wire breaks, an alert is triggered in the invisible fence transmitter box in your home. Most boxes have a loop indicator light or an alarm that will go off if the loop is broken and the system is not functioning.

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The Great Dog Escape – How to Prevent your Dog from Climbing or Jumping the Fence

dog jumping fenceDo you have problems with your dog scaling the fence and escaping your yard? No matter what kind of dog you have, whether it’s a Jack Russell Terrier, Siberian Husky, Pit Bull or a Labrador Retriever, dogs of all sizes love to venture out into the world. They could be bored, lonely, or smell the neighbor’s grilling steak. Whatever the reason, you need to stop this bad behavior to protect your dog and keep him safe.

There are many factors to consider for both the fence and your dog.

First, examine your yard to see if there are any items along the fence line that your dog can climb on to help him get out. Trashcans, BBQ grills, or a stack of wood all make good stepping stools. If you identify any of these remove them.

Next, examine the height of your fence to see if it’s too short. If it is, you can make it taller by attaching products such as lattice, chicken wire, or garden fencing. This can be installed straight up, to add height, or you can tilt it in at a 45 degree angle, which makes it much harder for your canine to get up and over.

Another option is to run electric wire around the top perimeter of your fence. This creates a “fear” barrier that uses a safe electric shock to deter your dog. The fence is harmless unless someone is trying to get over it, and your dog only gets shocked when he reaches the top. It won’t take too many zaps before he won’t jump again.

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Six Reasons Why Your Dog is Jumping the Fence

dog jumping fenceAs any dog owner knows, dogs love to run, jump and play. Unfortunately, sometimes this means that they jump over the fence and escape from their yard. This behavior exposes them to the dangers of the outside world, including getting hit by a car, lost, stolen, or run-ins with other animals.

So what are some of the reasons that would cause a dog to try and escape the confines of a nice safe yard and turn into a fence jumping dog?


Canines are intelligent animals that need lots of mental stimulation. If your pet is left by himself all day with nothing to do rest assured he’ll come up with something to occupy himself. You’d be amazed at how creative a bored dog can be in finding ways to amuse himself. Jumping the fence may be his answer, since he can then go off and do whatever he wants.

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